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  Position Phone

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Anne L Thurston Certified Level III County Assessor 317-392-6305
317-421-8419 (FAX)
Catherine Richards Certified Level II Deputy Assessor  
Erica Glackman Certified Level II Deputy Assessor  
Jessica Stucker Certified Level II Deputy Assessor  
Kim Wickizer Certified Level II Deputy Assessor  
Stephanie Rick Certified Level II Deputy Assessor  

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Mary Jo Phares County Auditor 317-392-6310
Amy Glackman Deputy Auditor 317-392-6310
Alice Transfer Deputy 317-392-6310
Becca Asst. Transfer Deputy 317-392-6310
Brenda Clerk 317-392-6310
Celeste Payroll Deputy 317-392-6310
Jim GIS Deputy 317-392-6310
Nora Claims Deputy 317-392-6310

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Kevin Nigh Commissioner -Center Distrcit - President 317-392-6330
Chris Ross Commissioner - North District 317-392-6330
Don Parker Commissioner - South District - Vice-President 317-392-6330
Diane Heahl Executive Assistant 317-392-6330
Sarah Haehl 2nd Deputy 317-392-6330

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Mary Jo Phares Council Secretary (317) 392-6310
Tony Titus County Council - President (317) 440-8200
Ryan Claxton County Council - Vice President  
Bryan Fischer County Council  
Leigh Langkabel County Council (765) 763-6658
Linda Sanders County Council (317) 753-4319
Scott Asher County Council (317) 398-0803
Terry Smith County Council (317) 512-1006

Shelby County Government, Indiana
    Superior Court 1
R. Kent Apsley Judge Superior Court 1  

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Drainage Board
David Mohr President 317-392-6330
Kevin Nigh Vice President 317-392-6330
Tony Newton Member 317-392-6330
Taylor Sumerford Surveyor 317-392-6481

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  EMA, Emergency Management Agency
Ryan Hansome Director 317-392-6308

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  ADR Program
Jeri Elliott Administrator 317-421-8030

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
Chris Loman, MD Health Officer  
Robert Lewis Business Manager and Sanitarian  
Cecilia Ortiz, RN Health Nurse  
George Horning Local Public Health Coordinator  
Susie Horning Adm. Secretary  

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Health Department
    Vital Records
Susie Horning Office Manager/Registrar  

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Highway Department
Kem Anderson Superintendent 317-392-6485
Todd Johns Assistant Superintendent 317-392-6485
Diane Haehl Executive Assistant 317-932-6330
Shelly Uhlmansiek Office Clerk 317-392-6330

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Mary Jo Phares Recorder (317) 392-6370
Sarah Plunkett Deputy (317) 392-6370
Debby Crafton Deputy (317) 392-6370

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  County Treasurer
Kathy Plunkett County Treasurer 317-392-6375
Janet 1st Deputy Treasurer 317-392-6375
Sally Deputy Treasurer 317-392-6375

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  9-1-1 Addressing
Thomas K. Debaun 9-1-1 Addressing Coordinator 317-392-6406
317-421-8365 FAX

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Building Inspector
David C. Adams Building Inspector 317-392-6480
Amanda (Mandi) Walterman Office Manager 317-392-6480

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Pro Bono
Evette H. Spurling Administrator/Paralegal 317-421-8030
Kim Wilgus Paralegal 317-421-8328

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Public Defender Office
James R. Lisher Chief Defender 317-392-2500
John C. DePrez IV Contracted Public Defender 317-398-2414
Andrew B. Arnett Contracted Public Defender 317-924-3545
Andrew M. Eads Contracted Public Defender 317-398-0080
Tyler E. Brant Contracted Public Defender 317-398-6687
Adam James Contracted Public Defender 317-825-3114
Amanda Blackketter Contracted Public Defender 317-604-5531
Christopher Starkey Contracted Public Defender 317-550-7608
J. Derek Atwood Contracted Public Defender 317-398-6687
Jeri Elliott Administrator 317-421-8030
Julie Peck Paralegal 317-421-8328
Linda Klain Contracted Public Defender 317-800-0855

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Human Resources
Donna Cook Human Resource Director (317) 398-5537
(317) 392-6393 Fax

Shelby County Government, Indiana
Terri L. Bodine Chief Probation Officer (317) 392-6490
Deanna Holder Asst. Chief Probation Officer (317) 392-6490
Amy Baker Adult Probation Officer  
Alison Everhart Adult Probation Officer  
Angie Cooper Adult Probation Officer/Sex Offender Management  
David Armbruster Adult Probation Officer  
Nicole Alvis Adult Probation Officer/Presentence Investigator  
Mark Tackett Juvenile Probation Officer  
Elsi Bernabe Bilingual Probation Officer (Adult / Juvenile)  
Jeramiah McAdams Juvenile Probation Officer  
Aimee Lykins Juvenile Probation Officer  
Melissa Gharst Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program Director/ Adult Probation Off  
Pamela Shelton Office Manager  
Tammy Laird Intake Officer  
April Medsker Secretary  
Jodi Ingle Secretary - Alcohol and Drug Program  

Shelby County Government, Indiana
  Plan Commission
Samuel (Sam) R. Booth Planning Director 317-392-6338
Amanda (Mandi) Walterman Office Manager 317-392-6480